DOB November 7, 2012/Prim is DNA tested clear for PLL and CEA.


We began our search for a foundation bitch almost immediately after acquiring Sergeant. We decided to import a female from the UK in order to expand upon the bloodlines available in the US. After an exhaustive and lengthy search, and many missed opportunities, we finally found Jenny Grant-Parkes and her breeding program, Parabar. The lines were just what we’d been looking for in working/training ability and correct conformation.

Prim arrived in March of 2013 at the tender age of 12 weeks. We arrived hours early at the Atlanta Airport cargo claim area to be sure we didn’t miss her arrival.  The employees at the cargo pickup were very curious to see this much awaited for pup, so we had a small gathering watching as we opened her crate for the first time. Even after so many hours in a crate in a noisy plane, she came out tail wagging and excited to meet everyone around her. We fell in love instantly! She has been a joy to our household and has so far passed on her stunning looks and charming demeanor to her pups.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 11.20.29 AM

Prim at 5 months

Prim on “her” spot on the sofa.